Experience our 7D Fun Theatre

7D Fun Theatre - Hotel Hilltop International

At Hotel Hilltop International, we have created a 7D Fun Theatre for our guests to enjoy and experience the latest technology in the entertainment industry.

3D is a thing of the past; 7D is the latest technology to woo movie watchers. And now our guests can enjoy the mind-boggling experience at Port Blair's first 7D theatre at Hotel Hilltop International.

Combining the magic of 3D cinema with physical effects like wind, lightning, rain, snow, fog and smoke in synchronization with the film, our 7D fun theatre offers an emotional experience that can be overwhelming. The auditorium with a modest capacity of 40 seats will primarily showcase animation films that will combine a number of special and simulated effects.

The specially-designed, penumatic-operated seats will shake and jolt the audiences in sync with the developments in the movie.

If there is any rainy scene, a water sprinkler attached to the seat will provide that effect. Or, if there is a storm build-up in the movie, strobes in the theatre will recreate the effect of lightning. Cold smoke will recreate a fog; there will be snowflake and bubble effects, too. Also, in some movies, different perfumes can be released in opportune moments to make movie-viewing a complete sensory experience.